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Book Reviews

Indian Pediatr 2015;52: 911



The Positive Child Has a Right to a Positive Life: Action Report on Pediatric HIV in India

Mamatha M Lala


Pages: 212; Price: Not mentioned.

There has been significant progress towards control of HIV infection worldwide and in India. The current publication discusses the changing epidemiology of Pediatric HIV in India and various issues in its management. The contributors include experts in the field and also program managers in the country.

The book has 21 chapters in 6 sections. Section 1 deals with the epidemiology of pediatric HIV infection in India and the evolution of the program in the country. Section 2 discusses the prevention of parent-to-child transmission, and also the contentious issue of breastfeeding. Comprehensive approach to an infected child is the focus of section 3; here, in addition to the clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment guidelines, nutritional aspects, counselling and care of the orphans are discussed. Section 4 deals with issues of child rights and the medicolegal and ethical aspects of HIV. Programmatic issues are discussed in section 5; the government program, role of the NGOs, and implications of governance of pediatric HIV on health systems have been discussed. Adolescent health issues are highlighted in section 6. Drawings by children are a welcome feature of the book.

The quality of publication and images is good. There are a few shortcomings: the management and prevention of opportunistic infections has been missed out. An index would have allowed for an easy access of the relevant information to the reader.

The publication would be of interest to the health care personnel involved in the care of HIV-infected and affected children, and will also be useful for the postgraduates.

Rakesh Lodha

Department of Pediatrics,
AIIMS, New Delhi, India.
Email: rakesh_lodha@hotmail.com


Principles and Practice of Pediatrics

JN Sharma

Peepee Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd., Delhi

Pages: 834; Price: Rs. 930/-

This book has 20 well-written chapters. The chapters on fluid, electrolytes and acid-base mechanisms, clinical immunology and immunization, and growth and development have good supportive photographs. The chapter on neonatology deals with most of the common problems of a neonate. The chapter on infectious diseases is well-written from Indian context, and provides good information of vaccine-preventable diseases.

While clinical diagnosis and management of conditions is dealt with in detail, the book lacks in pathophysiology of the conditions, which may be a limitation for its use by postgraduate students. Overall, it is a good and informative book for the undergraduate students.

Mukta Mantan

Department of Pediatrics,
Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, India.
Email: muktamantan@hotmail.com


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